Lawn Renovation:
Is it time to just start over?  Paragon Lawns offers full lawn renovation services to help get you back to
the greenest lawn on the block.

Paragon Lawns can do this to your lawn.


Core Aerification:
Aerification should be a part of every Turfgrass maintenance program because it is absolutely
necessary for maintaining healthy and durable Turfgrass. Failure to perform this simple maintenance
can result in poorly drained soil, thin Turfgrass stands and continued problems with disease.
Aerification can benefit your turf by achieving the following objectives:

Need to address your thatch layer?  It is sometimes necessary to use a process called "vertical
mowing" or "verticutting" to correct a thatch problem. Thatch is a layer of material between the green
blades and active roots of a lawn. If the thatch layer is too deep, keeping a lawn healthy can become a
challenge.  Count on Paragon Lawns to handle your thatch removal problem.

Paragon Lawns uses the highest quality seed products
to help patch up your lawn in no time.  Let us handle your
Fall seeding applications for you.

Shrub Trimming & Spring/Fall Yard Cleanup:
Yard work have you singing the blues?  Paragon Lawns
can take the chore out of your annual yard cleanup work.

Mulching your valuable landscape plantings is essential to their well being.  Mulching will reduce
watering needs and help fight against unwanted weeds.  Paragon Lawns has several mulching
solutions to meet every mulching need.

Paragon Lawns also offers drain line installation and maintenance services. If you have problem
areas that don’t drain water correctly, down spouts that don’t drain, sump pump discharge issues or
low spots that hold water; contact Paragon Lawns for help solving these perplexing problems.

Look at your lawn ... Everyone else does!!!
Cleaning Up For You
Before, taken September 10th
  After, taken October 15th