PARAGON is defined as:  "Model of excellence or perfection"

Paragon Lawns is committed to offer to our clients quality lawn maintenance, of
unsurpassed excellence at a fair and equitable price.

Paragon Lawns will present to our clients only products of the highest quality, to be used in
maintaining their property.

Paragon Lawns will use only products that are registered with the EPA* and only in
accordance with label instruction.

Paragon Lawns is committed to an Integrated Pest Management approach that combines
the best cultural practices with careful use of chemical products.

Paragon Lawns will offer only services of the highest standards and value in such a
manner to make our client's pleased that they chose Paragon Lawns to service and / or
maintain their property.

Look at your lawn ... Everyone else does!!!

* EPA registration does not imply recommendation, endorsement or approval.